• Zebra EPL2 Programmer's Manual

    Zebra EPL2 Programmer's Manual

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    brand: Zebra category: Printer Accessories pages: 138 size: 0.7 MB info: Programming for Page Mode Printing  


    2 - Copyright Notice 3 - Table Of Contents 7 - Introduction 8 - Command Conventions 9 - Basic Command Syntax 9 - Command Editor 10 - Placing Elements In The Print Image11























    Thus, the preferred way to encode extended ASCII characters is to simply embed them in the DATA and let the printer manage the encoding taskMore characters inserted into a codeword results in fewer codewords needed to create a symbolCurrent Dump Mode Status3-126 ; Command - Code Comment Line The backslash () character designates the fol- lowing character is a literal and will encode into the data fieldSee the OEPL1 com- mand (page 3-86) for details on switching be- tween line and page modes via programming3-58 GK Delete Graphic Writes 3-59 GM Store Graphic Writes 3-60 GW Direct Graphic Write 3-62 I Character Set Selection Stored 3-63 JB Disable Top Of Form Backup Stored 3-65 JC Disable Top Of Form Backup - All Cases Stored 3-66 JF Enable Top Of Form Backup Stored 3-67 LE Line Draw Exclusive OR 3-68 LO Line Draw Black 3-69 LS Line Draw Diagonal 3-70 LW Line Draw White 3-71 M Memory Allocation Writes 3-72 N Clear Image Buffer 3-73 o Cancel Customized Settings Writes 3-74 oB Cancel Customize Bar Code Writes 3-75 oE Line Mode Font Substitution Writes 3-76 oH Macro PDF Offset 3-77 oM Disable Initial Esc Sequence Feed Stored 3-79 oR Character Substitution (Euro) Writes 3-80 oW Customize Bar Code Parameters Writes 3-82 3-2 980352-001 Rev.D 21See the following example3-16 b Command - 2D Bar Code - Data Matrix Specific Options 3-120 Y Command - Serial Port Setup Archived from the original (pdf) on 2011-07-16You must include one of the items un- less all of the items are also en- closed in square brackets(00-FF hex.) are allowedThe printer can detect the beginning and end of the printable area on the media by one of three methods: Gap, Notch (hole), or Black lineThis resets the printer buffer for a clean start3-51 FI Command - Print Form Information vi 980352-001 Rev.D 73-118 xa Command - AutoSense


    Syntax Ap1,p2,p3,p4,p5,p6,p7,DATA Parameters p1 = Horizontal start position (X) in dots3-73 o Command - Cancel Software Options t White area required around bar codes (the Quiet Zone)3-4 Asian Character Font Sets B-1 Cash Drawer Cable Wiring 601e9b7dc4


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